Book Review: “Enlightenment Now” by Steven Pinker

In today’s world, no matter where you get your news from, it would be easy to take a look at things and feel like they are going pretty poorly. Whether you’re worried about violence, terrorism, war, pollution, corruption, moral decline, healthcare, education, or any number of other issues, both the liberal and conservative news media will constantly bombard you with stories about just how much our global society is in decline.

Best New Books: Week of 11/6/2018

November is here, which means the end of 2018 is growing ever closer. How have you all done with your to-read lists this year? Did you manage to get through some of those books you’ve been wanting to read? Well, we aren’t going to make things any easier for you, as we have a slew of great new titles arriving at the library! 

Book Review: “Everything Trump Touches Dies” by Rick Wilson

No matter who is in office there will never be a shortage of political opinion books, though it seems like we are in the midst of particularly large boom for the genre at the moment. Regardless of how many are being published or how well they might sell, they are generally all just preaching to the choir however, with liberals writing books for liberals and conservatives writing books for conservatives and no one really expecting large numbers of people to move outside of their ideological comfort zones. This book would seem to break that pretty strict mold, as we have a conservative writer espousing opinions that, while not exactly liberal, certainly go against our current, allegedly conservative President.