Book Review: “There There” by Tommy Orange

This stunning debut novel is about many things; family, loneliness, poverty, technology, substance abuse, and violence, but mostly it is about the lives of the urban American Indian, a group so underrepresented in media it almost feels like most people didn’t even think they existed. The sprawling cast of characters in this book have all […]

Book Review: “The Terror” by Dan Simmons

In 1845 the Franklin Expedition headed towards Canada in search of the Northwest Passage, they didn’t find it and only 1 of the 2 boats was ever found many years later, underwater. In this novel, Dan Simmons speculates about the fates of the real men who undertook the journey and what they likely suffered through while trapped in the ice.

Best New Books: Week of 7/3/2018

As a result of the 4th of July falling right in the middle of it, there aren’t too many new books coming out this week. We do have 5 exciting suspense and historical fiction novels to help keep you reading while you’re waiting for the barbecue to start.