Best New Books: Week of 7/3/2018

As a result of the 4th of July falling right in the middle of it, there aren’t too many new books coming out this week. We do have 5 exciting suspense and historical fiction novels to help keep you reading while you’re waiting for the barbecue to start.

Using Our Website: The Catalog

We do our best to make sure that all of our services are easy to use and understand for everyone. As part of that effort, we will be making a series of video tutorials for anyone who needs a little extra help navigating our new site. In the first of the series, we show you how to access and search our catalog online from home, how to read the information presented, and how to place holds for pick-up or mail delivery.

Take Our Innovation Survey!

The library needs your help! We are always striving to make sure that we provide the residents and visitors to our area with the sort of services they want and need the most, but we need your feedback to help us succeed!

Explainer: Best Seller Lists

It’s an honor that many authors covet and it has the power to boost a writer’s name much higher in the public consciousness. Seeing it mentioned on a cover increases a book’s sales. And yet most people don’t really understand just how it works. I am of course talking about an appearance on a major book bestseller list.