Take a Virtual Tour of the Old 6th St. House

As many of you may already know, one of the town’s oldest houses was recently taken apart and hauled off the island. We were fortunate enough to get a look inside this historic home at 254 6th St. before it was disassembled, and take some video to share with all of you. Built in 1895, […]

Hot Apps: Bring! Grocery Shopping List

Not too long ago if we wanted to make a call, listen to music, take a picture, read a book, play a game, or take a quick memo while going about our day, we had to carry a separate item or device with us for each of those things. But now the smartphone has allowed us to condense all of that, and then some, into one handy little machine. So why wouldn’t you use it to eliminate the need to carry a shopping list with you to the store?