Best New Books: Week of 1/16/2018

Hopefully you got through all of last week’s great new books because we have another week jam-packed with exciting releases. We get the final, posthumous short-story collection from an American master, some excitingly unique takes on the science fiction and fantasy genres, even more riveting suspense, some sweeping historical fiction, and a pair of books that are perfectly attuned to the current political moment. No matter what you’re into, you should find something to enjoy below. Happy reading!

Hot Apps: HQ Trivia

Have you ever wanted to be a contestant on a game show, but don’t feel like taking a trip to Los Angeles? One of the hottest apps on the market right now can help scratch that particular itch for you. From 2 of the co-creators of now-defunct 6 second video app Vine comes HQ Trivia. The free app hosts a live game, complete with a host, every night at 9pm EST and every weekday afternoon at 3pm EST.

Book Review: “The Woman in the Window” by A.J. Finn

Ever since the breakout hit “Gone Girl” hit shelves, there has been no shortage of suspense novels with words like “girl” or “woman” in their titles, all looking to replicate the same level of success. A few have pulled it off in terms of popularity, and even fewer in terms of quality. The first such book to receive a good deal of hype in 2018 is A.J. Finn’s debut novel “The Woman in the Window”. Does it live up to it? I would have to say resoundingly yes.