Avalon Pier – An Avalon History Center Home Movie

We found footage of the Avalon Pier! We’ve heard many stories about how much fun people used to have here so we thought it would be fun to put together some fun facts with the footage and produce a video!

Avalon Pier

If you’re interested in watching more of our home movies, check out the other ones we’ve done below!

The Storm of ’44

Avalon Baby Parade

Avalon’s Beaches

About Avalon Free Public Library

Avalon is a bustling little shore town in southern NJ. Our small population of 1800 expands to about 30,000 at the height of summer. We like to think that we serve them all and then some! Our goal is to make our library available to our patrons wherever they may roam.

1 Response

  1. Jane Murphey

    Love the Movie Theater segment GREAT Music too!! Thanks. Visiting since late 50’s and always visit Wells Memorial Church and History Center!!

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