Deadpool Max: a Graphic Novel Review

This February, Marvel’s most notorious antihero, Deadpool, will hit the big screen. Known by many names, the Merc with a Mouth, the Regeneratin’ Degenerate, Deadpool is most famous for breaking the fourth wall, allowing him to directly address the reader.

Deadpool: Max, now available in the Avalon Free Public Library’s graphic novel section, chronicles Deadpool’s mercenary skills on government payroll – but with a catch. While an invaluable assassin, Deadpool is known for his erratic nature. Enter Bob, who must supervise the unstable killer and ensure his missions are complete, by any means necessary. Needless to say, Deadpool considers him more of a sidekick, and Bob’s got the bumps and mental bruises to prove it. While taking down classic nefarious villains such as Hammerhead, Baron Zemo, and Taskmaster, the painful early days of Deadpool, then known by his given name Wade Wilson, are revealed. However, it’s debatable which member of this debauched duo is the worst for the wear.

Get ready for the movie by checking out Deadpool: Max today. [Click here to request]

–by staffer Olivia Gorecke

About Avalon Free Public Library

Avalon is a bustling little shore town in southern NJ. Our small population of 1800 expands to about 30,000 at the height of summer. We like to think that we serve them all and then some! Our goal is to make our library available to our patrons wherever they may roam.

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